About Me

I’m Boobalan, a Web Developer, IT Consultant & Tech. Teacher based in India.

Allo, I am an indian software engineer from Chennai but working remotely most of the time. First of all, thank you for visiting me here. It’s such a pleasure to have you here!.

A couple of words about my academic and professional life: I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Technology in IT in 2014. At university I discovered how empowering it can be to build web applications and thus built several applications in different programming languages, domains and platforms. Straight out of university, I worked in a full-time position as software engineer on a large scale web application using JavaScript and Php to help thousands of part-timers to find out exciting part-time jobs. Those years gave me a lot of practical experiences in the software field. At 2018, I decided to be self-employed, doing freelance and consultant work mostly related to web development. But I am always keen to learn something new, so I try to push myself every day. One of my recent learnings, by doing courses, reading books, listening to audio material and applying those learnings in JavaScript, is mobil apps development. I am open for any opportunities in this field or software engineering.

My Values and Mission

I always try my best to have a positive impact on the world and believe web can do more than that now its doing . 99.99% of my code is open source for everyone on GitHub. Every time I build a product/service for myself, I immediately think about how to open source it for others. Even though I open source my work and offer lots of learning material for free, not everyone is able to make use of it. Many people have no access to it because they didn’t had the chance to learn the English language in the first place. I have the strong believe that the major issue of diversity in our industry is due to inaccessible education for people outside of the western world. Apart from the language barrier, most educational content is too expensive. Whereas a programming course for $99 might be affordable in the US, it’s out of reach for any eager programmer in South East Asia. I know that many programmers producing educational courses need to make a living, I am sitting in one boat with them, but there are options to make educational content affordable for others around the world too. After all, I hope that I can give something back by believing in these values and my mission to make education more accessible to everyone.

Other Interests

Even though I do a lot of programming in my professional and spare time, there are other things I treasure too. I am an avid reader, but I’m always struggling to memorize my learnings. I guess, that’s why I started to write down my notes of books I enjoyed to read. But it’s difficult to keep up with all the books. Nowadays I often encourage people to read more, because it’s such a fulfilling and meaningful activity. After I love cameras, super cars ....

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